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Chanuehri (January) the Void

To be completed in the near future a glimpse of the mural.

To be completed in the near future a glimpse of the mural.

I know I am long overdue for a blog post, and those who do read are wondering if I have been swept away by a tsunami or left to fend for myself in the Fiji interior. None of which are the case, rather I have been stuck in a void where time passes by, but nothing seems to change. The sweltering heat and stagnant mugginess of Fiji’s January seem to be an accurate portrayal of my level of motivation the last month. To put one foot in front of the other can seem to take all the effort in my body and a meander up to the hospital results in beads of sweat creeping down every surface of my skin, leaving me longing for ice cold shower, providing only moments of relief. Every day I awake is identical to the prior yet holds a plethora of the unexpected. I never seem to have enough time to finish the task at hand, yet there are endless hours for contemplation and leisurely naps. Like I said, a Fiji void that one can only escape into and forever be lost…

Motivation was high when the month started. I acquired five gallons of vibrantly colored paints to begin work on a mural in the children’s ward at Nabouwalu Hospital. The Sub-Divisional Medical Officer (aka my boss) had long wanted to decorate the walls, but didn’t know the who what or how of it all. So I got to work and slowly and surely have been transforming the drab walls of the ward into an imaginative and educational kid friendly setting. More on that another day because it seems my paint brushes have fallen into the void and may one day be recovered to complete the array of colors strewn across the ward.

Motivation hit a road block when I realized puss coming out of my ear was not normal. Now I know you might think this is obvious, but in Fiji I assumed initially I was sweating out of my ear…I mean every other portion of my body was sweating, why not the ears! Puss and a ruptured membrane partnered with an allergic reaction to some antibiotics earned me a week stay in Suva. Now here in Fiji they have super bugs that infect your ears, so one antibiotic was not enough to conquer the “pneumonial klebsela something or other” festering in my ear. Two antibiotics and some steroids later I can sort of hear, and well more on that another day when I have all the details on the status of my ear’s health.

Abbi Love of my life!!

Abbi Love of my life!!

Motivation was starting to pick up after I took an unhurried and uneventful weekend out to the Fiji bush in the village of Daria. I walked, I slept, I drank grog. I embraced the village life for a few days to clear my head. Again more on this another day because the beauty of Wainunu deserves a blog post all on its own! It was only when I returned to reality that I was knocked down hard finding out that my Abbi (my dog) had to have emergency back surgery. To try and explain to my Fijian counterparts why I was crying about my dog was a challenge. Abbi is my child and love. I don’t have a boyfriend, a husband, or a real child, so other than my family Abbi receives all my love and pining. Abbi is on the mend in the loving hands of my parents. She is regaining function of her legs and getting her infamous spunk back (chewing up vests and rolling over in obstinacy of doing physical therapy). More to come another day on her recovery.

So let the void continue where while life happens, things seem to be the same. A delicate balance exists of moving forward, but not too quickly because this moment, with all its good and bad is being embraced. Lessons are being learned, discoveries are being made, and life is happening. More to come another day on my adventures in Fiji!


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