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Rat Wars Part One

Nabouwalu, FijiI am sure many of you are yearning to hear of my life in paradise. How the waters are crystal clear, the beaches are picturesque with white sand and palm trees blowing in the wind, and I sip my mojito enjoying life. Such is not the case, life these last two weeks has been amazing and has had many moments to remember, but is far from picturesque paradise.

I live in a simple aluminum and wood house up on top of a hill. The house has history and could use some new floorboards, but is comfortable and will feel like home soon enough. It has running water, and electricity most of the day. My neighbors are amazing, welcoming me into their community and their family! They make sure I never go hungry, are patient with me as I attempt to utter my new Fijian phrase of the day, and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

I have taken on the task of planting a backyard garden so I truly will never go hungry. My first weekend in my new home, I went to town on the grass behind my house with my new 18 inch k-knife. Now I really didn’t know what I was doing, and was well on my way to amputating a limp when my neighbors came to the rescue to help me finish clearing a 7×15 foot patch. I am slowly and surely turning over and breaking up the dirt. I have started to grow my seedlings, and before I know it will have a fruitful garden.

They biggest challenge so far has been my housemate— the rat. It has helped itself to my bananas, flour, beans, and mangos. It has put a hole in my inflatable globe (please someone send me a new one).  And it has left me some pleasant fleas that make me itch. I am at war with the rat. I acquired some rat poison from the Hospital I am working at, but after the rat ate two balls of it, it seems to still be going strong and becoming more destructive (the inflatable globe was a recent loss). The next step in this war involves some rat glue and a big knife… stay tuned.

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One thought on “Rat Wars Part One

  1. Hey, good luck over there, sounds like a very worthwhile thing to be doing as well as fun!

    Posted by The Landy | November 17, 2012, 1:23 am

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